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        Jiangsu (Nanjing) Strong Eagle Automation Control Engineering Co, Ltd
        Company Introduction

        Jiangsu (Nanjing) Strong Eagle Automation Control Engineering Co, Ltd (NJ&SEACEC) is a high-technology company that specializes research, design, manufacture, sale, technology consultation on fields like: automation control system, electronic engineering, computer software & hardware, machine and electric integration, apparatus and instrument, measurement and batching, electric control equipment and system integration and so on.

        The company owns an excellent staff constituted by three outstanding teams. The team of researcher, design, and manufacture is based mainly on doctorates, masters, and professor—level chief engineers. The team of installment and test is industrious, well experienced, well served, and responsible. At the same time, it also boasts a high quality team of marketing and management.

        The company adopts widely recent technologies both home and abroad, combined with those technologies patented by the company. It has already developed and formed a variety of creatively self-owned products and brands. The company consistently focuses on producing the technology-advanced; reasonable-design, and quality-reliable products so that it can offer shared technological benefit to all clients.

        The belief system for the company is that:being all the benefit of the clients, honesty-focused, striving for the success bravely, and rewarding the society.

        The spirit for the enterprise is that:developing fully the team sprite, pursuing the excellent product quality, and creating first-rate performance, caring about social benefit. 

        Sichuan Eagle Software Co., Ltd.
        Company Introduction

        Sichuan Eagle Software Co., Ltd. is a Hi-Tech software company that specialized in R & D, sales, shipment, implementation and services of Bulk Materials Logistics Management System (hereafter refer as Logistics system).
        With its independently-developed bulk materials logistics management system, Si Chuan Eagle Soft Pty Ltd mainly provides the solutions for the industries such as cement, coal, and iron & steel with its highly integrated professional logistics management system, in respect of sales, logistics, and procurement of bulk materials. The logistics system adopts the proper and standard data interfaces, integrates with ERP financial management systems seamlessly, and provides the perfect integrated solutions for customers in their financial system and the businesses.

        Sichuan Eagle Software Co., Ltd. is making independent innovation and developing stably. With creating its own brand as the fundamental strategy, it has successively passed industrial and national certification such as the Double Software Enterprise Certification by Sichuan Software Industry Association, Copyright Certification and CMMI Certification. 

        Corporate Philosophy: Being Professional Is the Foundation; Good Service Is Guarantee; Good Quality Is Reputation.  

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